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We're a different kind of company.  We care about our people and work hard to make sure they (and you) get the help and resources necessary to succeed.  In practice, that means more than just words - we give the majority of our profit back to our member therapists and employees!

*No, we're not as put together, well-dressed or even remotely as stylish as the people in these images. That's just how #StockPhotography works.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get matched with a therapist?

We match you based on specialty, availability, location, treatment approaches, insurance, and the unique experience of our individual therapists. Rest assured that our network of licensed mental healthcare professionals have experience across a wide spectrum of practice areas.

Why do you need credit card information?

​To give you the best experience possible. Really!  

The information in your account helps us find a therapist who accepts your insurance and has the right experience for you. We need your payment information because visiting a therapist is like visiting any other healthcare provider.  Your insurance may help you get services at a reduced cost or even no cost, but you may be responsible for a co-pay. 

What insurance do you accept?

Our therapists are currently in-network with the following commercial insurances:  Aetna, Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Apostrophe Health, Bright, Cigna, Kaiser, and United Health Care. They are also in-network with Cigna EAP and United EAP. 

Unfortunately, our therapists are not currently in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

How much will my appointment cost?

The short answer is that it depends on your payment method. If you're using insurance, you can call the customer service number on the back of your card to confirm your specific benefits. We recommend you ask, “What are my behavioral health benefits?” to determine how much - if any - that you'll pay for a therapy session. If you're using an EAP, you'll usually have a certain number of free sessions before you have to pay with insurance benefits or out-of-pocket. To use your EAP, it’s best to call them ahead of time and let them know you are seeing a Good Place therapist. Then they'll give you a referral number that you can bring to your first appointment.

How quickly will you match me with a therapist?

Our goal is to find you a match as fast as possible. Once we gather your preferences we will immediately search for a match in our system. We can normally find you a match within 24 - 48 hours. If you contact us on a weekend, you'll be matched on the next business day. Once a match is made, it usually takes 1-2 days for the theapist to reach out to schedule your first appointment.

What will my first appointment be like?
Each provider is unique and exercises their own clinical judgment as to how best to conduct each session, so we can't give you a universal "here's how it will go."  That said, therapy is about building a relationship so oftentimes the first session is about getting to know each other a bit better.
What is your appointment cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. To cancel an appointment reach out to your provider and they will reschedule for you. If you cancel within 24 hours you will almost always be charged a cancellation fee, up to the full session cost.  If that doesn't seem fair, think about it this way:  that therapist did not see another client at that time and so if we don't charge for the cancellation, then their paycheck will be smaller.  It doesn't take many cancellations before you can't pay rent.

Is your company HIPAA compliant and secure?

Yes!  We follow the highest national standards for security and privacy for all clients and therapists to keep your personal data secure.  Your personal data, medical information, and private communications are all hosted on HIPAA-compliant servers.  If you choose to do telehealth sessions, please rest assured that they are NEVER recorded.   

Why isn't your website super serious and dark like other mental health companies?

While we recognize that mental health is a serious and very important matter (I mean we have dedicated our lives to it...) - we also recognize that we're all human and a little laughter here and there along with a smile can really help make the day better.  In short, there's both light and dark in this world and in our lives, and we choose to provide a bit of light via our brand.

​​Connect with a licensed therapist today

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