We're building a better future - 
where quality care is accessible

It sounds lofty because, well, it is. 

But if you think that's big, the way we're doing it is even bigger.

We're partnering with our employees and our providers
​- each gets an equal share of the pro`fits & ownership

Providers - 33%

You do the hard work every single day - you should get the financial benefit.  That's a core belief of our company that sets us apart. #Truth

Employees - 33%

These individuals work tirelessly to take care of the business of private practice.  Credentialing, marketing, billing and dealing with insurance on your behalf so that you can focus on your clients.  We share the profit so that we're all aligned.

Investors - 33%

It takes money to build something truly big an impactful - that's a hard truth.  Our investors are unique, though,  because they care about making a big impact on this world. #ImpactInvesting


Here's where we're headed long term:
selling the company to our providers & employees

Providers - 55%

What if you got the majority of the profit from your hard work?  What if there was a company whose goal was to enable you to be successful rather than take most of the profits?  No need to use your imagination - it exists.

Employees - 44%

Our investors have agreed - up front - to sell their shares back to the company so that we can give them to our providers and employees.  They also believe there is a better way to run a company.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that you can tell a lot about what a society values by how much they pay people for certain types of work.  For far too long mental health was stigmatized and mental health workers were paid a pittance.  In recent years mental health has become a hot button issue and everyone from big corporations on down to individuals are talking about how important it is.   On top of that, entire new companies are cropping up to help increase everything from mental healthcare access to affordability; entire new companies worth a billions of dollars have been built.   However, mental health workers are still being paid a pittance and, to add insult to injury, they aren't getting any of those billions.  We think that's wrong and are out to fix it.  Do you agree?


We think there's a better way to build a company

Working together.  That's the short version.   

 Think this is a great idea?  

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