Is it really "free" or is it just marketing bullshit?

09.02.21 06:27 AM By Provider First

It's 100% Marketing Bullshit

A lot of companies out there will claim to help you with credentialing, marketing and billing and that "it's free" and provided at "no cost to you."  This is bullshit.  They're making money - off of your work! To understand why we say that, you need to understand the business model. Let's compare three different options:  a group practice, a private practice, an aggregator like Headway/Quartet/etc. and a provider-friendly aggregator like us:

GoodPlace Session Revenue Comparison Table for Therapists

So... yeah.  If you consider someone taking $50 out of your paycheck to be "free" then, well, it's free!  For the rest of us... well, you can see for yourself.