We Want to Make You a Millionaire.

There. We said it.

Here's how:

Your practice, powered by Good Place.

The help of a group practice and the freedom and ownership of private practice.

It's the best of both worlds.

No matter where you're at - we can help*

Newly Licensed

  • Get Client Referrals
  • Free credentialing
  • Feels free**
  • We take care of billing

Established Practice

  • Spend less time billing
  • Feels free**
  • Diversify your practice
  • Increase access to care in your community


  • Get better rates
  • Feels free**
  • More client referrals
  • Offload benefits verification and insurance billing

Cash Only

  • Client Referrals
  • Feels free**
  • Fill empty space in your calendar
  • Accept insurance, get paid like it's cash

* By where we mean metaphorically where you're at in your practice journey, not necessarily physically because we're only in Colorado right now.  That said, we have big plans and are already working on expanding to other states so if you're at all interested then please contact us below or joing our mailing list below that!

** We know, now you're thinking "Dang it.  there's an astericks... I knew it sounded to good to be true.  That means it's not really free!"  Hold on before you pass judgment - this isn't your typical company or astericks!  Here's what we want to make sure you know - it's not actually free, we are making money in there somewhere - but we try to make it feel free.  It may seem like a small distinction, but we think it's a key one that differentiates us from our competitors.

*** Group Practice Owners - We've got something for you, as well!  This page explains more.

Here's how it works



Talk with us to see if we can help make your life easier - it only takes 15 minutes.



Fill out your profile, availability and provide documentation to help us get you credentialed.


Get Referrals

Within 8 to 12 weeks, you'll start getting referrals.  You can offload your admin work for existing clients right away if you want.

Ready to join us as a therapist?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we really get most of the profit?

Yes, seriously.  We don't want to get too serious and legalese on you, but it's structured so that 52% of the founding shares of the company are owned by the clinical entity.  At the end of every year we take all the profits allocated to that 52% and pay them out to individuals who have worked with us in the past year as a "performance bonus."

So... how much are we talking?

Ha, well... it depends.  Both on how  well the company did and how much you contributed to it.  We pay out the profits on a "pro rata" basis based on how much revenue each individual brought into the company.  As an example, if gross revenue was $1,000,000 and $100,000 of that was you, then you would have right to 10% of the provider profit pool.

How much does it cost to join?

It's free. There's no up front or ongoing cost to you.  We take our fees out of the money that the insurance companies pay us.

It costs nothing? How do you make your money?

The short answer is "economies of scale."  Think about it this way, if you go out and find a biller they're going to charge 6 to 8% for your private practice.  Using our scale we can get that down below 3%!  Now apply that to negotiating insurance payout rates, EHR purchasing, etc. and you start to get some real savings.   That's the advantage of "banding together" by using Good Place services - we all  win.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope! We don’t require a minimum number of sessions for providers in our community. We are trying to make quality mental health care more accessible, and if you want to do that by taking on even just a single new patient, that that works for us.

Do I have to stay for certain time?

Nope, no requirements there either.  You're free to leave or stop taking clients from us at any time.   We think that flexibility creates a healthy dynamic - we have to do a good job or you'll leave!  How's that for accountability?

Are my clients truly mine?

Yes!  We recognize the primacy and importance of your relationship with the client.  That means that they are YOUR clients, not ours. 

Is there a contract I need to sign?

Yes, to join you will need to sign our standard Provider Network Agreement. You can terminate this agreement at any time, though, with no advance notice.

Can I see my existing clients through you?

With a few clicks, you can add your existing patients into the Good Place portal. We then automatically reach out to them to verify their insurance details and collect payment information. Then, for any sessions thereafter, we handle all of the billing work. Not only do we bill the insurance company, we also charge your client’s card on file and send them an email invoice as well. Clients can pay with debit card, credit card, HSA or FSA.

How much does it cost to join?

We see what you did there... you asked the same question again to see if our answer changed.  No change, it's still free. There's no up front or ongoing cost to you.  We take our fees out of the money that the insurance companies pay us.

What if I'm already working with another company? Can I still join?

Yes, if you're already working with another company like Headway, Betterhelp, etc., that's no problem.  You can still join us.  One of the advantages of all these companies trying to keep you as independent contractors is that you have the freedom to choose who you work with.  They can't prevent you from working with other [more provider-friendly] companies like us.  In fact, it's our obviously biased opinion that especially if you're working with one of them, then you should join our network, too, so that when their private equity / venture capital overlords tell them to squeeze you for every penny... then you can just take a few more clients from us so it doesn't hurt! 

Why are you doing this?

The answer to that is bigger than we can put here, but there's a blog post if you're really looking for the answer:  The future of behavioral health.

What if I'm a group practice owner?

We would love to work with you!  You can learn more about how we work with group practice owners here.

How do I sign up?
Fill out the form above and we'll reach out to make sure you have all your questions answered.  If we both agree that it sounds like a good fit, then we'll  continue the process!   In short:  complete the form above to get started.