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You're Not Alone

We know being a group practice owner is hard - we own one, as well.  And we also know that lately it seems even harder as venture capital and private equity money pour in.   As they throw millions into custom software and negotiate with insurance with thousands of providers in their pocket it feels like we're getting outgunned.  

Our goal is to change that.  To help you compete with the big companies by providing you the benefits of scale and best-in-class technology.

In short, our goal is your success.

Here's how we help

Our goal is to help where it makes sense, so you can focus on doing what you love.

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Free Software

You probably already have an EHR, Intake Forms, Billing Platform, and maybe even a CRM.  Each by themselves is a few dollars, but add them all up and it gets expensive (see below!). We replace all of it to save you money and provide a more cohesive experience for staff and clients.

Payor Negotiation

We handle this with the goal of getting your therapists higher rates every year.  Like Clockwork.  That's our goal and we do it for you without a bunch of fees or billing you by the hour.  Our incentives are aligned so you can sleep knowing we're doing our best on your behalf.

Client Billing

What if you didn't have to deal with the billing headaches?  Imagine how much easier and better your practice would be if you could just spend time working on helping your providers make a larger impact.  We can turn that "what if" into a reality by taking care of client billing.


This is the start of where we can save you real time.  What if you didn't have to manually onboard every single new client and therapist lead?  We can make that happen.  It saves you a ton of time and, more importantly, makes you money by freeing up front-office staff to do other work.

See for yourself

*We used the following platforms and assumptions for this estimate:
Intake Forms = Jotform

Appt Scheduling = 10 to 8

Digital Signature = Docusign

Telehealth = Zoom w/ BAA

EHR = Simple Practice

Payroll Software = Gusto

Payment Processing = Square "Card on file"

Sessions per provider per month: 80

Revenue per session:  $100

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Current Platforms*3 Providers10 Providers30 Providers
Intake Forms $39 per month $39 per month$39 per month
Appt Scheduling $10 per month $20 per month$40 per month
Digital Signature $45/user/mo$45/user/mo$45/user/mo
Telehealth $15/user/mo$20/user/mo $20/user/mo
EHR $137/mo$410/mo $800/mo
Payroll Software $39 + $6/user/mo$39 + $6/user/mo$39 + $6/user/mo
Payment Processing $840 per month $2,800 per month$ 8,400 per month
CRM Software $50/user/mo x1$50/user/mo x3$50/user/mo x5
 Total Cost per Month $1,313 per month $4,168 per month $11,448 per month
GoodPlace Cost$0$0$0

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to keep my brand?

Yes!  We're here to support you as you support therapists and clients.  We have a brand, but it won't be plastered all over everything your therapists and clients see.  To be clear, some of the paperwork will have our entity name because there are legal documents involved, but we do our best to support you and push your brand forward whenever and wherever possible.

How does GoodPlace make money?

Great question!

The short answer is we make money the same way you do.  We're not joking - we get paid out of the same profit pool!  The longer answer is that we negotiate with the payors using our collective size to get better rates than you can get as a small or even large group practice.  We then pay the vast majority of those rates out to you, what little we keep helps build the platform and is used to pay out profit share at the end of the year.

Are you willing to sign a non-compete?

Yes, 100%.  We even go one step further...

We'll sign a non-compete stating that we won't allow any therapist who joins our network as a part of your group to operate as a part of our group for two years.  That is, unless you allow it, in which case you will still get credit for their revenue for the rest of that non-compete period.  i.e. You'll get a larger share of the profit-pool as payback for bringing them into the network.  #Seriously

Do I have to use your software and systems - I like mine!

No, you don't!  But you probably should...

There's two ways we can work together.  One is just at an NPI level.  You bill through our NPI, but continue to use your systems.  It's not quite that simple because we have to protect our contract so we'll help out when there's billing issues and require outcome measurements, but it's generally pretty hands-off.  The second option is that you use our back-end as a service.   That means our CRM, credentialing, EHR, client portal and billing services.  You can either just use those for new providers or transfer your existing caseload over - it's up to you.  In either case, you'll save money and make your practice more profitable by using our systems because they're free. 

How does profit share work as a group owner?

C'mon, that's our secret sauce...

...but we try to be transparent whenever possible, so we're happy to talk through it with you!  The way to think of it is that we divide up the net profit pie into three parts:  therapists, stakeholders and investors.  As a group practice owner you get a share of the stakeholder pool proportional with the revenue you bring in. 

As an example, if we as a company make $9 million in profit, then the stakeholder pool would be 1/3 of that or $3 million.  If the total company revenue was $90 million and your 10 person group practice brought in $900,000 in revenue, then your share of the employee profit pool would be $900,000 / $90 million, or 1%.  Multiplying .01 (or 1%) times the employee profit pool of $3 million means that your share of the profit would be $30,000.  Note, this is profit share above and beyond what you're already making in your private practice.

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